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Leading The Way

True leaders carve a distinctive path, they dream beyond the conventional, push boundaries, and turn their aspirations into reality. STX Vans embodies such leadership in the realm of equine transport. Revolutionizing the industry with a blend of innovation, safety, and luxury, STX Vans sets a new standard. With a commitment to excellence and a rich European legacy, our journey now unfolds in the heart of the USA.

🇺🇸 made in the usa

Unique to youCreate your own

Craft your ideal STX Van effortlessly with our configurator. Choose your exterior color, seat leather, wheels, and more to tailor your perfect ride. Once satisfied, place your order directly and turn your dream into reality—because your journeys require a van as remarkable as your own style, providing a comfortable haven for both you and your horse.

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Quality, Safety& Excellence

The STX Vans feature a meticulously designed layout tailored to ensure the comfort and safety of all horses, including stallions and mares with a foal at foot. 

With secure and well-ventilated stalls, the layout prioritizes a stress-free travel experience, addressing the diverse needs of our equine passengers and ensuring their well-being throughout the journey.


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