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The Stephex Group Success Built on Family Values 

About STX Vans

Headquartered in Belgium, the Stephex Group is a dynamic, family-owned conglomerate that has left an indelible mark on both the equestrian and automotive landscapes.

At the heart of its equestrian endeavors is Stephex Stables, a world-renowned equestrian stable recognized for its commitment to excellence and the development of top-tier sport horses. Complementing this is Stephex Horsetrucks, the leading manufacturer of bespoke horse trucks and trailers in Europe, synonymous with precision and innovation. STX Vans is its newest product on the market, exclusively for the USA.

Expanding its horizons, the Stephex Group has also delved into the world of luxurious mobile living with STX Motorhomes, crafting high-quality, custom-designed motorhomes that epitomize comfort and style. Beyond equestrian pursuits, the group's foray into real estate development, top-level equestrian events, financing solutions, and more, further exemplifies its diverse portfolio and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional experiences.

The Stephex Group, rooted in Belgian craftsmanship, entrepreneurial spirit, and a profound love for both equestrian pursuits and refined living, continues to shine as a beacon of excellence.

500+ Employees

5000+ Vehicles Built

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